3 Criteria the Best Purchasing Managers Use to Make Chemical Buying Decisions

Chemical purchasing managers have an important job. One of the first links in the chain of research, manufacturing, or production, they’re responsible for procuring and souring specific chemical compounds that need to be professionally handled. Choosing reliable supplier(s) is the first step in this process.

How do the best purchasing managers make smart chemical buying decisions? Here are three criteria they use to determine when and whom to source from.

  1. Scalability
    Experienced procurement officers know that scalability is important. Whether they need a small amount of metal salts for a one-time research study or regularly-shipped large quantities of thallium bromides, the option to increase or decrease orders is a necessary factor in chemical purchasing. In manufacturing process, particularly, scale is crucial. Having to stop production because a supplier can’t source enough of a specific chemical can be costly, time consuming, and headache-inducing. Noah Chemicals has the ability to scale from R&D quantities to full production quantities when needed.
  2. Selection
    Procurement best-practices dictate that fewer suppliers are better. Less moving parts on the back-end mean fewer contracts, legal, and less opportunity for miscommunication. Chemical buyers should look to suppliers that offer a wide array of chemicals to avoid the need for multiple vendors when possible. Once a vendor has been deemed dependable and safe, the ability to purchase many different materials at once, especially hard-to-find chemicals, should be looked on as a real benefit.
  3. Customer Service
    The chemical industry may seem cut and dry but thoughtful purchasing agents develop good relationships with their vendors. These relationships are important when discussing best-use scenarios for specific products and in situations where an order may be needed quickly, or an unusual chemical might need to be sourced. Because chemicals are so sensitive, having an advocate on the supplier-side can make all the difference in a long term arrangement. Companies like Noah Chemicals has an industry-wide reputation for superior quality and commitment to customer service.

To find out more about what you should expect from your chemical supplier, contact Noah Chemicals’ customer service department today. Customer satisfaction is a top-priority at Noah and we’re constantly working to better our process through feedback and implementation.

Speak with a Noah Chemicals representative by calling 210-691-2000 today. 

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