3 Things to Know about the Inorganic Compound Cobalt

Often seen as a reddish powder, Cobalt (II) Hydroxide is also known as cobaltous hydroxide. An inorganic compound (meaning it is a chemical compound without a carbon-hydrogen bond within its formulaic makeup), cobalt hydroxide has a chemical formula Co(OH2).


Curious about this compound that you may have seen in some of its various uses? Here are three things you should know about Cobalt(II) Hydroxide:


1. It is a commonly used drying agent

Because it is easily oxidized when exposed to air, cobaltous hydroxide is a good drying agent for such applications as paints, stains, and varnishes. The addition of the chemical provides self-drying properties without special applications, especially valuable in large-scale uses. Additionally, it is added to printing inks to speed up drying times, for many of the same reasons.


2. It can be used to create and restore batteries

Cobalt hydroxide has a conductivity higher than most cobalt compounds, partly due to its hydroxide-based characteristics. This conductivity assists batteries in their original manufacturing and as an additive for rechargeable versions. Additionally, the powder form in which cobalt hydroxide is commonly found is an asset to battery creation and maximizing the electrified areas.


3. It can be an asset in the manufacture of other cobalt compounds

With the addition of hydroxide ions, the cobalt has its hydrogen ions removed, and has a neutral charge. This opens up the element to reception of other chemical “partners” and paves the way for new compounds to be formed. In its original state, it is relatively un-reactive, so this new chemical makeup allows for more reception possibilities.


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