3 Unique Properties of Zirconium Hydroxide

Zirconium Hydroxide is a crystalline zirconium solution used in high pH environments. It’s water soluble and often sold as zirconium hydroxide, hydrate. Its linear formula is Zr(OH)4 and like other hydroxide compounds, it has a litany of properties and uses.

Here are three unusually unique properties of zirconium hydroxide that make it ideal for specific applications:

  1. Zirconium Hydroxide for batteries
    As a coating, zirconium hydroxide significantly improves the capacity retention of battery cathodes. The compound has been shown to reduce friction-causing growth between the electrodes and electrolyte in a variety of different battery types, particularly lithium. Since the 1960s, various zirconium oxide compounds have been used to stabilize batteries. Its relative ease of procurement and affordability continue to make it a popular choice in the mass production of batteries and battery components.
  2. Zirconium Hydroxide for energy production
    A landmark study was performed at the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics in Colorado in 2013 on the evaporative properties of hydroxides. Scientists achieved evaporative cooling using hydroxide compounds for the first time in recorded history during the study, a discovery that could potentially have big implications for energy production. Zirconium hydroxide and other hydroxide compounds are now being studied for their potential ability to control complex chemical reactions.
  3. Zirconium Hydroxide for petroleum geology
    Zirconium hydroxide is generally available in large quantities as a powder. When used in “solid acid” form, zirconium hydroxide is an effective catalyst for various petroleum applications. Because solid acids do not dissolve in the reaction medium, they’re often used during a process known as “cracking,” which can produce a high yield of petrol, LPG, and even jet fuel.


Zirconium hydroxide, and zirconium hydroxide, hydrate, are cost-effective and versatile compounds. Currently used in a wide-range of fields – material chemistry, mining, production, and manufacturing – there are myriad potential applications for Zr(OH)4 on the horizon.

Noah Chemicals offers zirconium hydroxide and zirconium hydroxide, hydrate in an array of amounts and purities. If you have questions about whether Zirconium hydroxide is right for your particular application, contact one of our expert chemists today.

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