5 Surprising Toxic Chemicals You Use in Your Everyday Life

As chemical research and understanding has progressed, so too has our knowledge of the true impacts that the chemicals all around us can cause.


Both negatively and positively, our views on chemicals in everyday life have changed, but there are still some toxic chemicals that are in regular rotation that may surprise you:



This group of toxic chemicals and substances can turn up in our food and water often without us realizing it. Used in many pesticides, these chemicals can trigger cell death, increase attention-deficit disorder risk and harm reproductive function. One way to best avoid these chemicals are to eat organic foods whenever possible, and whenever you eat produce items, to thoroughly rinse before use.



When people hear about formaldehyde, they often think of laboratories or funeral homes, but it is one of the most widely-found chemicals in our society. It’s also one of the most dangerous. Just a few of the products in which this chemical is present include mattresses and pillows, nail polishes, clothing items, and detergents.


Bisphenol A (BPA)

Bisphenol A is one of the newly-realized toxic chemicals that is found in regularly used items. It is often found as an ingredient in plastic containers and bottles, which makes it particularly prevalent in our lives. Conversely, BPAs have now become more well-known as harmful ingredients and a push is underway for their removal across the board, especially in children and infant bottles and cups.



Mercury is often found in fish, which can be a double-edged-sword situation. On one hand, eating fish can provide many health benefits, but in those species where mercury is found, over consumption can be poisonous. Mercury is especially dangerous for pregnant women and small children, and should be avoided as much as possible.



Anytime a chemical is described as a “waste product,” chances are that it’s nasty stuff. And that’s  what Paraffin is. Waste from petroleum manufacturing is a component in this chemical, which can be found in candles or air fresheners. When burned (obviously a big part of candle use), carcinogenic chemical byproducts are released into the air and into our respiratory system.

The positive common thread of all of these chemicals and their uses is that our knowledge of their effects is increasing, and along with it our knowledge of the unknown places they can appear.


Not all chemicals are harmful, especially those that actually make our lives better. Noah Chemicals in-house chemists can help you determine which chemicals are safe to use in whatever your applications may be. Contact us today!

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