How Chemistry Has Impacted Modern Society

People tend to go on their day to day lives, not knowing how chemistry has impacted so much in the society. Chemistry has shaped the world as we know it today. Chemicals are everywhere; you inhale it, you drink it and eat it. Our lives revolve around chemicals. There are those that are harmful, and there are those that are not. Both harmless and harmful ones can be exploited to bring in something useful. In the modern world, scientists have discovered ways of improving our lives by using Applied Chemistry.


The following are three ways that Chemistry has transformed our world:


Water Purification

Water purification is the process of removing contaminants from the water by the use of chemicals. The process varies depending on the water source because of the minerals and chemicals found within it. Chloramines are the widely used chemicals in the purification process as it kills bacteria. Hydrogen Peroxide is another chemical used to purify water. Hydrogen Peroxide when combined with formic acid acts as an activator in the reaction. Chlorine is the most common chemical because it purifies water quickly. Lives have been changed and continue to be positively impacted by water purification as it prevents diseases which can be easily transferred with contaminated water.


Modern Detergents

What would the world be like if there were no soaps and detergents? These products keep our homes, clothes, and bodies clean and fresh. A detergent is just like soap, except its chemical formula is different; R-SO4-, Na+. Detergents are made from petrochemicals and contains a hydrophobic end which bonds with dirt, and on the other end it has a hydrophilic which attracts water. Hot or warm water melts the fats and oil, which makes it easier for the detergents to dissolve dirt and pull it away through rinsing. Soaps can also be made from oleochemicals, which are extracted from animals and plants. There are also oxidizing agents and alkali chemicals found in detergents. Alkali found are potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, which contribute positively charged ions and promote chemical reactions at the end.



Antibiotics are perhaps the most crucial contribution chemistry has achieved in the modern world. Chemistry is very essential in the medical industry. The drugs used for the prevention and treatment of diseases are made of chemicals. The chemists in the medical field apply their training of chemical components in the process of improving the already existing pharmaceuticals and creating new ones. Chemistry helps from the sterilization and sanitation in laboratories or hospitals to understanding the chemical nature of drugs and its composition.


Coherently, these are just but a few ways that society has changed by applying chemistry. More inventions are rolled out daily, and we can expect more in the future.


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