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Our 4th Noah Standard: Results Driven

Focusing on “Results-Driven,” by Noah Chemicals standards, is more than a catch phrase. It is a company virtue, a “north star” so to speak, that guides every Noah employee on their relentless journey of manufacturing excellence for customers. In this article, we will discuss what being results-driven means to Noah and why customer success is so important to us.

Relentless Emphasis on Manufacturing Excellence

As noted in previous articles, the Noah Standards form our core business ethos, which drives every decision and action at Noah Chemicals. The fourth Noah Standard, “Results-Driven”, particularly speaks to our relentless emphasis on manufacturing excellence. In addition to manufacturing chemical solutions to the exact purity and logistical specifications, Noah employees unite in rendering the best customer solution rather than the best available solution.

Best Customer Solution vs. Best Available Solution

So, what’s the difference? Other chemical solution providers often supply their best available solution, altering the client’s request based on current inventory and rigid distribution logistics.

At Noah, providing the best customer solution means:

  • Relentlessly searching for the best prices and materials
  • Relentlessly vetting of vendors and partners to ensure all requirements are met
  • Relentlessly organizing logistics and distribution to sync with customer operations

Customer Success = Noah Chemicals Success

Since Noah Chemicals founding, customer success has been the top outcome and priority for our business. From first contact to the production floor, to delivery, Noah experts guarantee customers’ needs are exceeded. Our relentless focus on customer success has led to many of the world’s greatest innovations, including supporting NASA astronauts landing on the moon in 1969. Many customers collaborate with Noah as we can help solve their most complex challenges, including formulating new chemical solutions and producing chemicals at unseen purity levels if necessary.

Enhanced Methods of Production and Analysis

Another major focal point of being results-driven is employing innovative methods of production and analysis. Noah Chemicals utilizes internal research programs to ensure manufacturing excellence. We take great pride in our ability to adapt and position our teams to exceed customer expectations.

Customers rely on Noah to figure out the most efficient solution. Our objective is to go beyond simply providing the materials that our partners need but to also fill the gap in the industry and provide expert technical guidance for overall chemical solutions. Noah Chemicals is the trusted partner of many organizations working on highly sensitive projects. We honor and respect the confidentiality of our partners while developing ideas, improving process systems and ensuring the highest quality materials.

Get started with Noah

For more information about how Noah Chemicals can support your requirements, please call us at 210-691-2000 or contact us here.

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