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Our 3rd Noah Standard: Accountability

To Clients, Each Other, and the Planet

At Noah Chemicals, accountability is more than just a buzzword. Accountability is a fundamental element of our company mission and one of the principles by which we abide by technically, logistically, and ethically. This article discusses our third Noah Chemicals Standard, Accountability: our commitment to our clients, each other, and the planet.

Accountability to Our Clients

Noah Chemicals is the supplier of choice for many partners because we’re dedicated to delivering the right solution for them, instead of simply saying no. Perhaps a customer is having a hard time finding a particular chemical due to supply concerns, or they’re looking for something unique that no one else can supply. In some cases, a client’s entire business relies on solving a particular challenge and their production line will stop if we can’t assist them. Each member of our team walks onto the Noah Chemicals campus every day with the mindset that we are going to give our best, and that means finding ways to say yes to our partners, even when others have said no.

Accountability to Each Other

In order to extend a higher level of accountability to our clients, we need to be accountable to each other as well. Noah Chemicals benefits from a diverse opinion base and all of our departments are in constant communication with each other. The solutions to a given problem are not always scientific or research-related. For example, sometimes a chemical needs to be shipped quickly because a partner’s plant is shut down, which is more of a logistical concern. Or, a customer orders a year’s supply of a product but needs it to be delivered every two weeks, in which case the sales department has to be involved. Regardless of the task at hand, we keep our promises to each other, maintaining open lines of communication, leveraging our years of experience, and trusting one another to get the job done.

Accountability to the Planet

Environmental sustainability is a key component of Noah Chemical’s mission. We are always actively pursuing exciting, innovative green initiatives – for example, harvesting moisture from atmospheric humidity to produce drinking water, leaning more heavily into solar sales, and expanding our capabilities in hydroelectricity and wind turbine technology.

Here at Noah, we always utilize production methods that meet or exceed environmental compliance regulations. We’ve invested in LED lighting throughout our warehouse and we make a conscious effort to eliminate, reduce, or recycle any waste created by the reactions we create. As a result of our efforts, Noah Chemicals has been designated as a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) of Hazardous Waste by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Even our location is indicative of Noah Chemical’s commitment to the environment. Our campus sits in the heart of a recharge zone above Edwards Aquifer which serves millions of South Central Texans. The land is extremely sensitive to any type of ecological disruption so we have made the conscious choice not to overbuild the acreage around us, and to allow the natural wildlife that surrounds us to flourish. It’s all part of Noah Chemical’s commitment to holding ourselves and each other accountable and keeping our promises, in every aspect of our business.

For more information on how Noah Chemicals can provide your business with the right chemicals please contact us.

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