The Positive Impact of Sodium Metavanadate on Improving Health


Sodium Metavanadate is a colorless, monoclinic, prismatic crystals or a pale green crystalline powder. It is soluble in water and noncombustible. Sodium metavanadate is toxic by ingestion; can be used for ink, fur dyeing, photography, inoculation of plant life, mordants and fixers, and corrosive inhibitor in gas scrubbing systems.



Despite its properties if ingested, sodium metavanadate has wide-ranging medical uses. Researchers believe one of the factors contributing to this treatment availability is that sodium metavanadate contains approximately 40 percent of the mineral Vanadium, which impacts a variety of the body’s systems and potential weaknesses. The health effects of Vanadium are often utilized in supplements for diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol control.



Studies have shown Sodium Metavanadate to have an impact on patients’ glucose metabolism levels, which is a leading indicator of diabetes. The metabolism of those with the disease varies from the metabolism of non-diabetes suffers, in that they produce more insulin than non-diabetics, causing the body to lose the ability to effectively use the insulin already present.

The use of sodium metavanadate in treatments lowers reliance on insulin, providing patients with increased levels of non-oxidative glucose disposal, where the glucose is moved into the cells, where it is broken down for use as an energy source. The treatment allows their bodies to better regulate the amount of and the efficiency of use for insulin in the body. Vanadium presence in sodium metavanadate drives some of this impact, as Vanadium has evidence to show a direct improvement of insulin and blood sugar levels of study participants.



Another medical use that can be at least partly attributed to the presence of Vanadium in sodium metavanadate is treatment of certain types of heart disease. The makeup of sodium metavanadate has been shown to have a multi-faceted attack ability for cardiac patients. This interacts with sodium levels in cardiac muscles to decrease the force exerted on the cardiac muscle tissues when the heart pumps.

Studies have also shown a correlation with usage of this chemical compound to decrease the progression of hypertrophy in patients, helping prevent the onset of heart failure.



In patients with high cholesterol, exposure to sodium metavanadate showed a suggestion of beneficial effects on the levels of HDL-C, or the “good” cholesterol, in the blood. Some of this research was conducted in coordination with research investigating sodium metavanadate’s impact on diabetes, showing that the mineral’s medical impacts can be wide-ranging within the areas of medicine driven by blood-specific ailments.

One side impact of these treatments was a decrease in BMI (body-mass index) of research subjects, which has been shown to help alleviate the impact of cholesterol levels in the body. Once again, the health impact of sodium metavanadate and the Vanadium present within.



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SODIUM METAVANADATE, 99.5% pure, +4 mesh, (Sodium Vanadium Oxide), NaVO3

SODIUM METAVANADATE, 99.5% pure, -100 mesh, (Sodium Vanadium Oxide), NaVO3

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