Providing precise, superior quality solutions to aerospace clients.



Providing precise, superior quality solutions to aerospace clients

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Your Trusted Aerospace Materials Partner

Aerospace materials need to be strong, stable and flexible in order to withstand the extreme conditions in which they are utilized. Noah Chemicals works closely with several high-profile clients in the space exploration and aviation propulsion industries. Our solutions are of the highest quality and can be custom manufactured to conform to the most exacting specifications. 

We produce various materials such as metals, metal oxides, dry lubricants, and inorganic pigments. 

  • Dry lubricants such as high purity molybdenum sulfide, which provides a superior alternative to greases, oils, and other liquid based lubricants
  • Silicon-based derivatives for solar panels, high temperature adhesives, hardware, and other electrical components
  • High elasticity coatings exhibiting extreme thermal stability
    • Metals and metal oxides are applied as thermal spray coatings and provide extreme thermo-stability
    • Cadmium specific coatings for interior and exterior components such as landing gear, jet engines, actuation systems, engine cowling, and wing structures

Special Carrier Fluids

For specific carrier fluids, we have developed a unique inorganic pigment for enhanced surface protection. Finished product characteristics are:

  • Impervious to oxygen and water
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Able to withstand extremely high and low temperatures
  • Improved durability to shear stress
  • Enhanced electrical protection

Noah Chemicals Services for Aerospace

Noah Chemicals Services offers custom consulting, analytical testing, formulation, application, and custom manufacturing services with our expert team of chemical professionals for the aerospace industry. These services can be applied at any stage of clients’ product life-cycle development.

For more information about Noah Chemicals and Noah Chemicals Services work in the aerospace sector, please contact us.