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Our Mission and Quality Standards

What is the Noah Standard? The Noah Standard is Based on Five Fundamental Principle

What is the Noah Standard? The Noah Standard is Based on Five Fundamental Principle The Noah Standard is our company ethos. Established over 45 years ago and honored every day since. The Noah Standard guides our mission: to provide unparalleled quality and service in every aspect of our operations, to every client.

1. Innovative Expertise

Established and reliable, Noah Chemicals is your single source for both traditional and custom chemical products. Whether you are in need of a regularly produced inorganic compound or a rare or custom-manufactured chemical, Noah Chemicals has the facilities and the expertise to meet your requirements.

2. Results Driven

Noah Chemicals takes pride in utilizing the most modern methods of production and analysis. Our relentless emphasis on manufacturing excellence ensures the quality and success of our solutions – which in turn enables the success of our customers.

3. Trusted Partners

The satisfaction of our clients is our highest priority. At Noah Chemicals, you can rest assured of our commitment to you in every aspect of our partnership – from the quality of our products to the dedication of our customer service representatives.

4. Accountability

We strive to hold ourselves accountable to each other, our clients and the planet. That’s why we provide full traceability of all of our products from the time the raw materials arrive at our facility. This attention to detail is applied until the customer receives the final product. Noah Chemicals also places special emphasis on eco-friendly production methods that meet or exceed environmental compliance regulations.

5. Quality is at Our Core

This is at the core of our company. Everything that we do is measured by this principle and is a central component of The Noah Standard.

iso-9001 certification stamp

ISO-9001:2015, DQS Certification

Noah Chemicals is certified to the ISO-9001:2015, DQS Quality System. Our certifying body is DQS Inc. All material is produced under strict quality control to insure the quality of our products including full lot traceability and documentation for all operations performed at Noah Chemicals.

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