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Case Studies & Insights

Noah Chemicals has over 4 decades of innovative work with chemicals that have made a difference in the world.  Read our inspiring and educational Case Studies below to learn how our team here has solved complex challenges that have helped countless businesses and projects succeed. Browse the links below to explore available Case Studies and Insights into innovative industries. To get the PDF download, click on the link or image you want, and then enter your email address to receive your free download.

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Our Insights papers cover various topics such as industry trends, market outlooks, new product developments, emerging technologies, and regulatory changes. These are valuable resources for industry professionals, researchers, investors, and anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the chemical industry.

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We have developed a series of informative eBooks. The topics range from Pharmacology to Automotive Chemistry. Browse the below links to explore available topics and enter your email address to receive a free eBook download.

Sodium Phosphates from Food to Pharmacology eBook

Industrial Innovation through Materials Science eBook

Custom Manufacture of Chemicals for Your Lab eBook

3 Reasons You Need Custom Chemicals eBook

The Future of Automotive Chemistry eBook

America’s Manufacturing Processes eBook

Recognizing Scientists in History with Noah Chemicals Honors

Noah Chemicals Honors is a quarterly newsletter that highlights notable scientists that have made an enormous impact on science as we know it today. Each newsletter will feature a new scientist and their contributions. Below are the past newsletters, if you would like to have them emailed to you in the future, subscribe below. Also, if you have any suggestions on who we should honor next, be sure to add it to your message when subscribing.

Noah Honors: Women in Science 
5 Notable Women in STEM

Noah Honors: Dr. Jane Cooke Wright
Pioneering Cancer Research & Surgeon

Noah Honors: Dr. Sara Seager
Astrophysicist, Planetary Scientist
MIT Professor

Noah Honors: Albert Einstein
Theoretical Physicist

Noah Honors: Madam Curie
Pioneering Research on Radioactivity