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3-Step Guide to Ordering Custom Chemicals

From a desire for specific sized packaging to a need for a specific compound that isn’t sold commercially, there are dozens of reasons to order custom chemicals.

Noah Chemicals specializes in high-purity chemicals and compounds for customers all over the country, but we’re also frequently asked to fill custom chemical orders. We strive to make the process of ordering custom chemicals as seamless as possible. Our team has decades of experience exceeding customer requirements; they’re the best at what they do.

How does the custom chemicals ordering process work? Here is a simple, three-step guide to making a custom request.


Step One: Reach Out to Noah Tech

The first step is the most obvious…tell us what you’re looking for! Some clients have very specific, very clear needs: A crystallized compound, for example, when only a liquid is available “off the shelf.” For other clients, determining their request can be the most complex part of the entire process. If you’re not sure what you need, start with your goals. What are you trying to achieve through better chemistry? A streamlined process? Better margins? A more predictable reaction? Noah Chemicals’ on-staff chemists are happy to make suggestions for which chemicals and/or compounds might be a fit.


Step Two: Test and Re-Test

Once a specification has been agreed on, Noah Chemicals’ chemists will custom make the product you’ve specified. After we’ve developed a sample, we’ll use one or more state-of-the-art in-house analyzation techniques to ensure the sample we have prepared meets the agreed upon parameters of the specification. In some cases, we’ll send out a sample to test within your process. Once the sample has been agreed upon, we’ll start the production process.


Step Three: Receipt and Customer Service

After we produce your chemical(s) we’ll securely ship your product direct to your facility where we invite you to double-check your order to ensure accuracy. Once you’ve successfully integrated your new chemical(s) into your process, the Noah Chemicals team is always on-call to answer any questions or concerns that might pop up.


Creating custom chemicals isn’t just something we do, it’s something we feel passionate about. Noah Chemicals works with laboratories, academics, manufacturers, and industrial suppliers, among others, to fill specific needs. It’s never been our goal to be the largest chemical supplier in the world; it’s enough for us to be the best.

Ready to place your own custom chemical order? Reach out to Noah Chemicals today to talk specifics and get started with your very own custom sample.

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