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3 Things to Know About Purchasing Inorganic Chemicals for Manufacturing

Noah Chemicals is a leading U.S. supplier of inorganic chemicals for manufacturing and research purposes. Our clients come to us looking for more than just a chemical supplier – they need a partner. We work incredibly hard to meet and exceed their requirements for everything because we recognize how critical chemical components are for an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing process.

  1. Basic vs. Specialty Chemicals

    It’s important to understand the difference between a chemical supplier that focuses on basic inorganic chemicals and one whose primary consideration is that of specialty chemicals. Basic inorganic chemicals are generally only one or two steps removed from the original substance; they’re produced in large volumes using continuous processes. Conversely, specialty chemical production is a more niche, more nuanced discipline. Specialty chemicals are typically derived from intermediates as opposed to raw materials, having gone through several synthesis steps prior to final manipulation. Noah Chemicals focuses on the production of high-purity specialty chemical compounds for thousands of manufacturing applications.
  2. Manufacturing Inorganic ChemicalsOnce raw materials have been obtained, there are dozens of different ways they can be used to manufacture inorganic compounds. A few of the most common methods for chemical production include liquefaction, fractional distillation, catalytic conversion, and calcination. Ideally, a chemical partner will have one or more chemists in-house to provide constant feedback to manufacturers regarding scope and scalability of their request. On-staff chemists streamline the process of testing and producing a customized chemical compound.
  3. Initial Supply Matters

    Because of the way specialty chemicals are produced, it’s imperative for specialty chemical providers to ensure the validity of their front-channel suppliers. Manufacturing requires particularly accurate measures of chemical purity which is why so many manufacturers choose chemical suppliers based on their commitment to quality control. Working with a US-based chemical supplier offers inherent reassurance that inorganic compounds were derived from tested, unadulterated raw materials. Additional safeguards such as ISO 9001 compliance, internal auditing, and responsive customer service can add to a manufacturer’s confidence in the product they’ve sourced.

Noah Chemicals has years of experience providing
chemical solutions for manufacturers all over the globe. From consumer goods to pharmaceuticals to aerospace, all manufacturing processes are improved by pure, reliable chemicals.


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