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3 Ways Chemists Today Are Changing the World

Chemistry has a crucial role in our daily lives. People are living longer and healthier lives thanks to the innovations that have been facilitated by chemists from different parts of the world. The future also holds a range of breakthroughs: From self-stable synthetic hemoglobin also known as ‘plastic blood’ to artificial skin that allows for the sense of touch, all these have been made possible through chemistry.


Here are three major ways in which chemists of this age are impacting the world as we know it.


Impact of Green Chemistry to the World

Green chemistry is also known as sustainable chemistry. It involves the creation of chemical reactions, which lead to new processes and products that can meet sustainability goals. Some of the important themes on this subject include reducing the use of non-renewable energy, cutting down on the amount of landfill waste, and recycling the abundant wastes.

Here are the ways in which green energy is transforming the world:

  • Creation of useful chemicals and fuel out of waste gas
  • Improving the quality and performance of paints while cutting expenses
  • Replacement of CFCs with carbon dioxide byproducts (which are naturally occurring) in polystyrene foam
  • Availing clean drinking water through incredible filter technology
  • Tackling the plastic pollution problem
  • Decreasing the effects of global warming


Role of Modern Chemistry in Food and Agriculture

Extensive chemical processes are involved in modern methods of food production. It begins with the nutritional analysis of soil and extends to the safety, testing, packaging and preservation of food.

Here are more ways in which chemists have impacted the world of food production:

  • Improved agricultural productivity
  • Advanced soil fertilizers from breakthroughs in chemical engineering
  • Enhancing the appeal of food through improved food textures and flavors as well as the perfection of food appearance through food colors
  • Creation of natural sweeteners such as high-fructose corn syrup to replace refined sugar
  • Creation of advanced artificial sweeteners which are sweeter than traditional sugar
  • Incorporation of starches into processed foods as thickeners that improve stability while also offering more nutritional carbohydrates
  • The current use of vacuum packaging where food is kept in bags that are gas-impermeable. This not only slows spoilage and ripening, but also prevents most reactions that can spoil the food


How Modern Chemists are Improving Health

The healthcare of modern times is founded on numerous chemistry breakthroughs that have saved numerous lives. As the knowledge of chemistry advances, medical practitioners continue to change the world for the better.

It’s incredible to understand some of the impacts from modern chemists on improving health:

  • Simple chemical tests for diabetics to check and monitor blood sugar levels
  • The discovery of improved biological targets through target validation that underpins research and development of pharmaceutical drugs with higher success rates in delivery of effective medicines
  • Use of advanced computer software and chemical insight to invent synthetic molecules that create cheaper oral therapies
  • Cutting-edge advanced chemistry offers designers of therapies and modern drugs more cost-effective base materials
  • Chemists are working on inventions that would offer more control over the release of drugs while allowing for continuous release of correct therapeutic concentration over time
  • Experts continue to enhance therapeutics through synthetic biology and tissue engineering
  • Advanced strategies  for sustainable manufacturing of drugs through reuse and recycling of pharmaceutical wastes that may negatively affect the environment


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