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3 Ways Your Chemical Supplier Should Be Able to Customize Raw Materials for Your Manufacturing Process

Not every application calls for custom chemicals. In many facets of the manufacturing industry, however, custom-batch chemicals can make the difference between a successful run and a costly mistake. Customized chemicals are more predictable, better tailored, and can even be more cost effective than “off-the-rack” chemical compounds.

Noah Chemicals takes a lot of pride in being a truly custom chemical supplier. Our manufacturing clients look to us when they need high-purity chemicals for both large- and small-scale processes. Here are three ways we think your chemical supplier should be customizing raw materials for you.

  1. Work to Your Internal Specifications 

    As a manufacturer, you need to know exactly what you’re getting. Particularly if your manufacturing process is sensitive, chemicals and compounds that meet your exact internal specifications aren’t a nice-to-have, they’re a necessity. Great custom chemical companies don’t just give you a couple of options, forcing you to choose chemicals that are either too pure or not pure enough for your process, they work with you to design a custom chemical that’s exactly what you need. This aligns both your budget and your timeline.

  2. Customized Particle Size 

    Just as important as purity is particle size. Optimum material performance in a complex process calls for specifically-sized particles, not too small or too large. Particle size is worth considering regardless of material, from powders to pellets to pieces. Ask your chemical supplier how they can customize the grade of your particles, and what their outer limits might be. Even if you don’t need a unique particulate now, your process could shift in the future.

  3. Unique Package Sizes 

    A 50-gallon drum might not work for your process; maybe it’s too heavy or too large to store between manufacturing runs. The burden of unpackaging and repackaging an improperly-packaged material shouldn’t fall on your shoulders. A great chemical manufacturer works with you to come up with packaging solutions that meet the needs of your process, not the other way around. Do you need your chemical in hermetically-sealed jars? Small tins? 10-gallon drums? Ask your chemical supplier to find a way.

At Noah Chemicals, we don’t just customize chemicals, we partner with manufacturers. It’s important to us to understand exactly how our chemicals will be used so we can make suggestions to improve the manufacturing process. Sometimes that’s a higher-purity product and sometimes it’s a different solution…our manufacturing partners value the insight we bring to their operations.


Would you like to find out more about our custom chemical capabilities? We’re happy to talk. Feel free to reach out to our friendly, professional team anytime, or browse our products here.

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