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Chemical Compounds Used for Space Travel

Space travel is considered by many as one of the greatest achievements of the human race. The teams of brilliant individuals harmoniously planning and positioning complex technologies and chemical agents to launch life outside our atmosphere are truly inspiring.

Since its founding, Noah Chemicals has partnered with many business and government entities that have supported or directly launched spacecraft. High purity chemicals used in life support and other systems are critically important to space travel. On multiple occasions, Noah Chemicals went above and beyond for partners by providing critical high purity chemicals and fabricating custom containers crafted specifically for unique spacecraft systems.

Below we soar deeper into how chemicals and chemistry have been a critical component of space travel.

Early Space Travel

Launching humans into space, once considered an impossible feat, is now a regular occurrence. So regular that “commercial space flight” is now a colloquial expression vocalized in mainstream media. During the early days of space travel and still vital today, high purity chemical solutions are crucial to successfully exploring and sustaining life in space.

In the 1970s, Noah founder Bob Blumenthal partnered with NASA to supply high purity mercury fueling multiple space flights. Mercury was phased out as an accelerant due to environmental challenges related to gravity and atmospheric protection.

“Far out” Chemistry

Space travel requires various complex chemical solutions in varying batch sizes to launch and return from orbit. During the spacecraft launch, the brilliant, fiery propulsion display emitted below the spacecraft forms when oxygen and H2 are mixed. Many spacecraft parts are coated in special polymers and heat-resistant substances formed from chemical compounds that keep the craft safe as it leaves and re-enters the atmosphere.

Many chemical solutions must be blended in space to function properly. Astronauts depend on blending systems to precisely mix vital high purity chemicals critical to survival. Barium oxide is a chemical solution critical to oxygen life support systems on spacecraft. When barium oxide comes into contact with CO2, carbon attaches to the barium oxide enabling recyclable oxygen.

Live Long & Chemistry

Future space travel operations will require complex chemical agents to support life and maintain spacecraft as humans go deeper and deeper into space. As astrophysicists and engineers advance technology and space vessels, chemistry must also progress to support future missions.

Noah Chemicals is proud to partner with companies to develop the world’s leading innovations. We believe in exploring the great beyond of chemical capabilities to ensure our clients get the best solution and not just the available solution.

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