Does Your Chemicals Supplier Take Shipping Seriously Enough?

Shipping industrial chemicals is serious business. There are numerous federal regulations for shipping potentially hazardous and/or dangerous materials and it’s critical for chemical suppliers to follow these standards to the letter. Not only can failure to do so cost your company huge fines, improperly-handled chemicals can pose a serious physical threat to handlers and the end-users at your facility.

Standards and Specs for Hazardous Materials Shipping

Hazardous shipping standards aren’t as widely respected as you might imagine. Amazon, one of the country’s most prolific shippers, recently came under fire for improperly labeling industrial-grade drain cleaner in its shipping container. The unlabeled chemical cleaner was improperly handled, causing it to leak and burn nine UPS employees. Amazon is facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and increased scrutiny on its hazard shipping practices.

Noah Tech’s Dedication to Safe Shipping Practices

Noah Chemicals is very familiar with all state and federal regulations regarding best practices for hazardous materials shipping and undergoes regular continued education to stay current on ever-changing laws. We generally allow our clients to select their preferred method for shipping then take care to specially package potentially hazardous materials. We work with logistics professionals at UPS and Federal Express and are always communicative with our customers about extra fees they may incur due to hazard insurance, additional hazard fees levied by the shipping agents, and rush-shipping charges.

Chemical Shipping Red Flags

Have you ever received a shipment from your chemicals supplier that worried you? Shipping containers themselves may be expected to arrive slightly damaged – their purpose is to protect the product inside. Causes for concern can include anything from lack of protective materials inside the packaging to missing labels to improperly-sealed chemical containers. If you’ve noticed any signs that your supplier doesn’t handle your shipments with the utmost care, you have a right to be concerned. Not only can oversight cost you money, it can actually be dangerous. In some cases, damage or injury caused during the shipping process to third-parties have actually been brought forth in lawsuits against both the shippers and the client themselves.

Do you have questions about how your chemicals should be shipped, or whether or not they can be shipped a certain way? Contact Noah Tech’s sales department today to find out why we take commercial chemical shipping so seriously.

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