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How Custom Chemicals Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Custom chemicals were once the domain of only large industrial producers. Today, custom chemicals are more readily available than ever; they optimize manufacturing processes, advance research, and improve the bottom line for operations both large and small.

Noah Chemicals is a leading custom chemical supplier in the United States. Our clients turn to our expertise to solve a variety of problems, but many are often surprised by how cost-effective custom chemicals can actually be. It’s true: Custom chemicals are an important, valuable important component of the lean manufacturing process.



Creating a Leaner Manufacturing Processes

Lean manufacturing is simply a systematic method for reducing waste within the manufacturing process. Proper implementation takes into account everything from uneven workloads to overburdened machinery. The goals, of course, are to minimize waste, improve efficiency, and reduce total costs.

Lean production is an important pillar of the global supply chain. By striving for continuous improvement, manufacturers can maximize output without sacrificing quality.


How Stock Chemicals May be Costing Your Operation Money

Chemical waste happens for a wide variety of reasons; “waste” is the opposite of lean manufacturing. A few examples of chemical waste might include:

  • Abandoned or surplus chemicals
  • Chemicals that have expired or can no longer be used for their intended purpose
  • Mislabeled/unlabeled chemicals
  • Materials contaminated with debris, by dilution, or stored in deteriorated containers

Chemicals’ life cycles vary from application to application, but the greatest risk for waste occurs in and around the point of inventory. If a chemical is not used in its entirety soon after receipt, it’s far more likely to sit idle on a shelf and fall victim to some of the most common forms of waste.


Custom Chemicals Reduce Waste for Manufacturers

Custom chemicals aren’t just useful for improving the efficiency of processes themselves, they’re also essential for reducing chemical waste. By sourcing custom-made chemical compounds from a reputable supplier, manufacturers gain access to exactly the right amount of chemicals when and where they need it.

Consider, for example, a manufacturer who creates simple chemical compounds in-house by combining two or more inventory chemicals. It is unlikely that all chemicals involved would need to be refilled at the same time, thus results an inefficiency in the re-ordering process. This also creates the issue of consistency; will the resupply exactly match the chemical specifications of the first order? In addition, for processes where safety is a concern, ordering custom chemicals rather than combining stock chemicals in-house can drastically the reduce the amount of preparation time required as well as the risk to employees.


Custom chemicals aren’t as expensive as you think. Noah Chemicals works with thousands of manufacturers to supply high-purity chemicals for production, many of them custom. Reach out to our team of experienced professionals today to find out how we can improve your bottom line.


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