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How Much Does Chemical Purity Matter in Manufacturing?

Purity matters.

It’s the foundational principle upon which Noah Chemicals is built, and it’s something our clients have learned to expect from our products through decades of experience. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying a wide array of high-purity chemicals for various applications; here’s why what we do is important.

Pure Chemicals and Traceability

Chemical procurement can be a complex process. The fewer rungs in the logistical ladder, the more likely chemical substrates and components are to be traceable to their origin. At Noah Chemicals, we test (and retest) our chemicals to ensure quality, but before they even make it on our products list, we know exactly where they started. In addition to manufacturing our own selection of customized chemical products in-house, we also work with reputable chemical suppliers far and wide to ensure we receive regulation-compliant, high-purity chemicals and elements. Our customers depend on it.


Chemical Purity and Manufacturing

Many of our clients are manufacturers. From pharmaceuticals to commercial products, they use our chemicals to produce a staggering range of goods. High-purity chemicals are all-the-more important during the manufacturing process because chemicals are often used in bulk. What’s just a fraction of impurity in a small sample size can become a big problem when expounded to manufacturing quantities. Manufacturers rely on knowing exactly which chemical properties to expect from our products; those properties fuel processes that ultimately determine the final quality of the product that’s being manufactured. In plastics, for example, an impure chemical substrate can produce an end-product that’s too brittle to use. In pharmaceuticals, one impure component can render a drug dangerous.


How Manufacturers Choose Quality

Determining quality in a chemical supplier can be a long process. The first step is typically to look for industry-accepted certifications such as the ISO 9001 quality standard, adhered to by Noah Tech. The next step is to form a great working relationship with a chemical company; at Noah Chemicals, attention to detail and superior customer service are two value-adds that customers tell us keep them coming back.

High-purity chemicals are the industry-standard and they’re not just necessary for research applications. In fact, some of the most purity-specific clients Noah Chemicals has ever worked with have been manufacturers, and for good reason. In manufacturing, purity can make the difference in a successful run and lost time and money.


Ready to talk to a Noah Chemicals team member about your purity specifications? Contact one of our in-house chemists today to tell us why purity matters to you.

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