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How to Improve ROI with Custom Chemicals

There’s a pervasive misconception within the American chemicals industry that custom chemicals are simply too expensive to make sense for most purchasers. Noah Chemicals has worked with thousands of clients – many of them small, budget-constrained entities – to produce custom chemicals that are as affordable as they are efficient.

Custom chemicals can improve ROI at almost every stage of the process. Here’s how.


Custom Chemicals Drastically Reduce Waste

Wasted chemicals are one of the costliest line-items on most organizations’ budget. Chemical waste can take on a variety of forms: expired chemicals, over-ordered chemicals, chemicals no longer suitable for the process they’re intended to serve.

Ordering custom-made chemicals can greatly reduce chemical waste by meeting a specific need within a process. Custom chemicals from Noah Chemicals can be ordered in various sizes which eliminates the need to purchase bulk quantities of chemicals your organization only needs a small amount of.


Consolidate Spending Through Custom Chemicals

For many chemical purchasers, custom chemicals are simply a means of consolidation. Purchasing one premade compound, for example, in lieu of four different chemicals that must be compounded on-site, saves significant costs upfront and on the back-end. Reducing the amount of work your team needs to do once they receive chemicals always improves ROI.

Because custom chemicals are made with a particular specification in mind, they can often result in higher throughput and less wasted energy during processing. Streamlining a process, particularly on a large industrial scale, can immediately result in significant savings.


Reduce Carrying Costs for Chemicals

The less specific the chemicals you source, the more resources must go into categorizing those chemicals, maintaining them in inventory, then safely and effectively utilizing them for various processes at your facility. The more chemicals in inventory, the more time an end-user must devote to regulatory burdens, proper disposal, and in-house quality management.

When sourcing “off-the-shelf” chemicals, some end-users inevitably settle for chemicals of lower purity than is ideal for their application. This can also impact carrying costs by necessitating a higher inventory of lower purity materials to complete specific tasks. High-purity chemicals can very often reduce the amount of materials needed for a process.

Noah Chemicals doesn’t just want to be your chemical supplier, we want to be your chemical partner. Our team has decades of experience managing complex custom chemical orders from clients in every sector imaginable, from R&D to pharmaceuticals to manufacturing. Our range of custom chemical capabilities is extensive.

Does your process need a custom chemical, but you’ve been hesitant to reach out because of concerns over cost? Talk to a Noah Chemicals representative today who can help you determine whether a custom chemical compound can actually save you money in the long run.



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