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Our 2nd Noah Standard: Innovative Expertise

Developing Tomorrow’s Solutions Today

Noah Chemicals is tirelessly committed to growing our areas of practice and achieving new goals in advanced technologies. We’re guided, as always, by the Noah Standards – the five core principles and values that define our mission as a company. In our first article in this series, we introduced the first Noah Standard, Trusted Partners: our dedication to developing strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Below, we discuss our second Noah Standard, Innovative Expertise: our diverse and talented team, our ability to think outside the box, and our faith in each other as we work together to solve unique challenges and exceed our partners’ expectations.

Decades of Knowledge Across Every Department

Noah Chemical’s talented team brings knowledge and experience to every aspect of the project lifecycle, from start to finish. Our research and development group is dedicated to understanding emerging trends and getting ahead of them, anticipating clients’ needs in advance to be more agile and proactive in providing the chemicals they require. Our sales representatives draw upon their skills to translate conversations with both the R&D team and prospective customers into actionable product requests, pulling in the chemical team as necessary to flesh out details.

Our chief scientist is one of our most tenured employees; with years of institutional knowledge and a profound understanding of Noah Chemical’s mission and vision, he and his team are ideally positioned to deliver custom solutions that fulfill even the most specialized needs. And our purchasing and warehouse departments know everything there is to know about sourcing and shipping raw materials – ensuring that things get where they need to go promptly.

Creative Answers to New Challenges

The depth of our expertise and our ability to innovate is the reason why Noah Chemicals is the go-to resource for one-of-a-kind chemical requests. Clients across nearly every industry, from large-scale engineering and construction companies to government agencies such as the Department of Defense and Department of Energy, have approached us with unique, real-world problems that no one else in the world can solve for them. Leveraging our talent and ingenuity, we develop pioneering chemical solutions that meet critical needs – and forge long-lasting partnerships in the process.

A System of Trust

While the inspiration for a custom solution might begin with our scientists, transforming that vision into a reality is always a group effort. This is where our years of combined experience, familiarity with each other, and loyalty to the Noah Standard provide such an advantage. For a custom product to successfully see its way through the various departments and out the manufacturing door, all of our team members bring their innovative expertise to the mix, trusting each other and holding one other accountable as they play their meaningful part. The end result: products we can be proud of, day in and day out.

For more information on how Noah Chemicals can provide your business with the right chemicals please contact us.

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