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4 Questions Manufacturers Should Ask Their Chemical Suppliers

Chemicals are an integral component of the global supply chain. Manufacturers around the world rely on chemical suppliers to be transparent, reliable, and compliant; the pressure on manufacturers to ensure the chemicals they use are verifiable is growing every year.

Noah Chemicals is a chemical distribution and production firm operating out of San Antonio, Texas. We’ve worked with hundreds of manufacturers over the years to develop relationships built on trust and dependability.

Here are four questions every manufacturer should be asking their chemical company. 

  1. What are your in-house quality control guidelines?

Of course, this is an overarching question. Every chemical provider should follow some – if not several – in-house protocols for quality assurance. Here at Noah Tech, ISO 9001 quality control guidelines serve as the foundation for our robust self-governance program. We use the system’s principles along with other industry guidelines (ACA, USP, FCC, etc.) to ensure our facilities and our staff maintain an extremely high-level of quality.

  1. How can you help with compliance?

Compliance regulations enacted by various governmental organizations at local, state, and federal levels place increasingly large burdens on manufacturing operations, as they should. The right chemical supplier will relieve some of that burden through constant documentation, ultimate traceability, and chain-of-custody logistics. If your operation’s chemical company leaves you saddled with the bulk of compliance, it may be time to consider alternatives.

  1. How are your chemicals tested and analyzed before they arrive?

From both a regulatory and production standpoint, purity matters. Not all manufacturing processes require laboratory-grade chemical products, but the larger-scale the production output, the more effect impurities can have. Noah Chemicals utilizes a variety of widely-recognized analysis techniques to test our chemicals’ purity grading before they leave our hands including inductively-coupled plasma, ion chromatography, laser diffraction, and more.

  1. What if you don’t have the chemical I’m looking for?

Manufacturers can streamline their internal logistics by working with as few chemical suppliers as possible. Inventory scope is one distinct advantage that large- and medium-sized chemical producers offer. If a supplier doesn’t have the chemical you need at the ready, how long will it take to source it? What is their process for producing specific chemicals or compounds in-house? Are there chemists on staff to help with complex requirements? All are important answers for manufacturers.

Your chemical supplier should be able to answer all your questions from experience and/or evaluation. As a manufacturer, your process is only as efficient as the components it requires; chemicals can drastically impact whether your end-product is on time, cost-effective, and safe for use.


Noah Chemicals works hard to be exactly the kind of chemical company manufacturers want to partner with. Our goal is satisfied service, every time.

Reach out to us today to tell us how we can help your manufacturing process succeed.


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