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The Many Uses for Ammonium Metavanadate

Ammonium metavanadate is an inorganic compound represented by the formula NH4VO3. As a crystalline solid, it is white, but samples can sometimes appear slightly yellow. It has a molecular weight of 116.977 g/mol.

It is denser than water and slightly soluble. Ammonium metavanadate is somewhat toxic, particularly to the skin, and should always be handled with care. It is stable under normal storage conditions.

The chemical is primarily used as an intermediate or as an oxidizing agent. It is commonly used as a substrate in the synthesis of silver vanadate, manganese vanadate, and vanadium oxide. It can catalyze the synthesis of octahydroquinazolinone derivatives and azalactone derivatives.


The Primary Application of Ammonium Metavanadate

Commercially, ammonium metavanadate is most often used for the purification of vanadium. Vanadium itself is usually purified from aqueous extracts of ore, selectively precipitated for ammonium metavanadate. The compound is made up of vanadate ions with the addition of ammonium salts.

Vanadium is a powerful alloy. It is used prolifically within the steel industry and over 85% of all vanadium used industrially is used for steel production. It is commonly alloyed with aluminum, titanium, and other high-performance metals. Vanadium imbues strength and toughness and is useful for a variety of applications including high-test aircraft, gears, axles, cladding, and even for superconducting.


Ammonium Metavanadate for Mandolin Reagent

The Mandolin Reagent is a spot test used for determining the presence of alkaloids and other chemical compounds. Comprised of ammonium metavanadate and sulfuric acid, the Mandolin Reagent is most frequently used for illicit drug testing.

Invented at the turn of the 20th century, the Mandolin Reagent can readily detect the presence of ketamine, acetaminophen, several methamphetamines, MDA, oxycodone, cocaine, and several other drug classes from a small sample. The reagent is usually sold in the form of a strip that can be submerged in a sample for testing.


Ammonium Metavanadate from Noah Chemicals

Noah Chemicals sells several purities of ammonium metavanadate. Our 99% pure ammonium metavanadate is Reagent-grade and comes in both 500 gm and 2.5 kg. amounts as well as in bulk quantities. Our ACS Reagent ammonium metavanadate is sold in the same amounts.

As with all of Noah Chemicals’ chemical compounds, ammonium metavanadate should be handled and stored carefully. NH4VO3 is shelf-stable at room temperature but it does release ammonia when heated. Contact Noah Tech today to talk discuss our commitment to safe shipping as well as our extensive in-house quality control program.


Noah Chemicals is a leading supplier of reagent grade chemicals for use in manufacturing, industrial processes, research, and more. Search our extensive online catalog of currently available chemicals and compounds to see what’s in stock.


Reach out to our team of in-house chemists for questions on whether or not ammonium metavanadate is the right choice for your process. We’re always happy to assist.




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