a bright blue mound of vanadyl sulfate in powder form

Vanadyl Sulfate: More than Just a Pretty Color

Vanadyl Sulfate is one of the most heralded supplements of the moment. It’s distinguishable by its bright blue color and often used to treat diabetic symptoms when ingested. Noah Chemicals makes high-purity vanadyl sulfate in-house in quantities that vary per request.

What more is there to know about this wonder-compound?

What is Vanadyl Sulfate?

Vanadyl sulfate, VOSO4, is an inorganic compound of the trace mineral Vanadium. Vanadium itself is typically found in foods such as mushrooms and shellfish. Chemically, Vanadyl sulfate is most commonly obtained by reduction of vanadium pentoxide with sulfur dioxide: V2O5 + 7 H2O + SO2 + H2SO4 → 2 [V(O)(H2O)4]SO4.

Because it is water soluble, vanadyl sulfate is rarely naturally-occurring. It’s an easily-dispersed powder that’s very fine, and most recognizable by its bright blue color.

What does Vanadyl Sulfate Do?

The compound is one of the most promising in diabetes research. Scientists are conducting studies on whether or not orally-ingested vanadyl sulfate makes humans more insulin receptive. Some studies suggest the compound stimulates glucose uptake and cell oxidation, although the research is still inconclusive.

Ideally, vanadyl sulfate could be used to reduce the insulin requirements of people with type 1 diabetes and lower A1C counts. Some tangent evidence points to lower LDL cholesterol numbers in people who have taken vanadyl sulfate.

Who is Studying Vanadyl Sulfate?

For now, academic research on the effects of vanadyl sulfate is concentrated at major teaching hospitals and Universities. There are, however, many brands of vanadyl sulfate commercially available for consumer purchase, and the compound is used by both diabetics and bodybuilders in an attempt to regulate glucose. No adverse reactions have been shown to be caused by regular ingestion of less than 200mg of vanadyl sulfate.

Noah Chemicals proudly produces high-purity vanadyl sulfate on-site in San Antonio, Texas. We safely ship all over the country and follow the stringent guidelines of the ISO-9001 Quality System to ensure product excellence and customer satisfaction.

Do you have questions about using vanadyl sulfate for research or commercial purposes? Click here to contact one of our on-staff chemists today.

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