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What Manufacturers Can Expect from their Chemical Suppliers in 2019

For manufacturers, knowing what is trending within the chemical supply industry will shape how and how often they work with their suppliers throughout their year and beyond. And in industries as ever-shifting as these, a little knowledge can go a long way.

Here are two of the most prevalent and impactful trends for chemical suppliers in 2019:

The Impact of Technological Advances

Chemical suppliers are leaning heavily into the benefits of technological advances. These new strategies and processes are all geared toward providing manufacturers with products that are produced efficiently while also cutting down on the time and money needed to produce high-quality materials.

Particularly important to manufacturers is how technology impacts efficiency of the supply chain process. It is well known that cost and time are two of the most vital assets for any projects and happen to be two assets that are so often in short supply. One way in which technology has combated this issue is automation throughout the process, cutting down on human error potential while also speeding up the step-by-step operations.

This technological shift impacts not only processes and plans, but also human interaction as well. Artificial intelligence and automation have cut down on the need for numerous in-person meetings, and with it have minimized time wasted and money spent for steps in the process that are now either completely automated or can now be successful via technological benefits.

And these benefits are substantial – from increased accuracy in orders and processing to digital marketing and sales practices, technology is allowing the chemical supply chain industry to meet the challenges coming its way with precision and efficiency.

Global Growth and Global Reach

With integrated and connected processes worldwide, gone are the days of non-existent supply chains, especially when it came to working with small- to midsize manufacturers. Touching on the connectivity of technology impacting manufacturing, supply availability is expanding at a rapid pace.

Furthermore, in today’s connected world, communication is an asset on both sides of the equation. From a supplier standpoint, there is a world of information at their fingertips about availability, new breakthroughs, emerging trends, and more. Use of this information provides them with a wealth of material to provide to manufacturers while also continuously improving and adjusting their processes and business models.

For manufacturers, the global reach of information allows for them to know more specifically what they need for their particular use. They can know best practices as they emerge at a scale previously unknown, taking out much of the guesswork that often caused problems further down the line.

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