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What to Expect During a Custom Chemical Consultation

Noah Chemicals provides a litany of customized chemical services. From creating client-specific packaging to adjusting particle sizes, there are few chemical needs our team can’t meet. Our specialty lies in supplying high-purity chemicals to end-users of all kinds, from researchers to industrial manufacturers.

What should you expect when sourcing a custom chemical from Noah Chemicals? We’ve honed our process through decades of experience working with both chemists and manufacturers. It’s always our goal to meet the needs of our discerning clientele, no matter how specific.


A custom chemical consultation typically starts with contact by the customer. We receive inquiries from research institutions, commercial entities, and manufacturers on a regular basis. Our team – on-staff chemists and various support staff – first discern the goal of the client.


Is there a manufacturing hurdle that needs to be overcome? Does a process need to be expedited? Are there safety concerns regarding existing chemical usage? Many clients call without knowing which chemical they need, but rather what problem they need to solve.


Our head chemists then work directly with the client to develop parameters for the product. These can include anything from purity grade to packaging size to powder vs. solid. Once armed with these constraints, our chemists get to work.


When a potential solution has been determined, we produce samples for testing directly in our lab. Utilizing an array of cutting edge testing techniques such as Inductively Coupled Plasma, Ion Chromatography, and even Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution, we effectively analyze the custom product. The results are then shared with the client and the outcome discussed thoroughly. If tweaks need to be made, we move back to the lab.


When a customer is satisfied with our in-house analysis, they’re sent a sample to test in their own laboratory. From there, small changes may still need to be made to ensure the finished product is just right for its intended application. The client finalizes their specifications once we land on their perfect custom compound.


With those specifications in hand, Noah Chemicals then begins producing the custom material. Once completed, our quality-focused shipping process ensures every customer receives their products safely, efficiently, and in a timely manner.


The process of creating a custom chemical doesn’t happen overnight. It typically involves several, and sometimes many, rounds of back-and-forth tweaking and re-testing before the ideal material has been determined. Custom chemicals can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to produce, depending on the client’s information, timeline, and availability.


Do you have more questions about how Noah Chemicals makes custom chemicals? We’re happy to discuss your specific needs, even if you’re not sure where to start. Solving problems with chemistry is just what we do best.

Please use our Special Request Form to reach out.

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