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What to Expect When Ordering Custom Chemicals in 2019

With the latest advancements in chemical manufacturing, especially when it comes to industrial industry-needed options, custom chemicals are becoming a more popular and more accessible option.

Noah Chemicals provides a litany of customized chemical services. From creating client-specific packaging to adjusting particle sizes, there are few chemical needs our team can’t meet. Our specialty lies in supplying high-purity chemicals to end-users of all kinds, from researchers to industrial manufacturers.


Through this experience, we’ve outlined three key facets to making the process of ordering a custom chemical as seamless and effective as possible:

1. Have a clear and detailed idea of the situation.

When ordering a custom chemical, especially in 2019, it is crucial to go in with a well-thought-out plan of action. Knowing what your project entails and what specifically how the chemical (or chemicals) will be involved will go a long way into ensuring that the ordering project gets off on the right foot. This is essential to success – if the process starts off with ambiguous goals or outlines, then there will almost certainly be false starts while working to determine what chemicals are best situated for the project.

Once you begin the consultation process, this planning will assist both the sales and development departments in finding the most efficient starting point. They will know how to properly define the parameters and will have an understanding even before testing begins what to be looking for.

2. Understand what chemicals you use already and their role in the ordering process.

Complementing the need to know a detailed outline of your specific needs, having an updated audit of the chemicals and types of chemicals you already use on other projects can be beneficial to the process. If you’re on the lookout for custom chemicals, chances are you’ll likely end up needed the customization, but there is always the opportunity to rediscover or reuse your already-existing inventory for a project. This saves money, time, effort – and often all it takes is to know what you have on hand.

3. Build sufficient time and funds in to your planning session ahead of time.

Ordering a custom chemical, whether it’s for a specific project or general use, is a process that takes time. From initial consultation to determine specs for the final project to development work by a team of chemists to testing in multiple lab environments, the necessary steps taken are there to ensure the highest quality product that best fits your project or use.


Do you have more questions about how Noah Chemicals makes custom chemicals? We’re happy to discuss your specific needs, even if you’re not sure where to start. Solving problems with chemistry is just what we do best.

Please use our Special Request Form to reach out for more information.

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