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Why Efficiency in Manufacturing Stems from Better Raw Materials

Raw materials are the foundation of the world’s manufacturing industry. As markets continue to grow, the extent to which manufacturers can obtain and afford raw materials will drastically impact their overall success. Increasing resource productivity is the single biggest key to sustainability for many of the world’s leading manufacturing brands.

What can manufacturers do to increase the productivity of their raw materials? The answer starts with planning. Optimizing the supply circle is about so much more than cheap goods and upstream suppliers; it’s a holistic process that prioritizes areas of high-impact within the business, namely, the quality of raw materials.


Better materials make for a better process. High-quality raw materials bolster some of the most important tenets of a successful operation, from consistency to reliability.

Material efficiency depends on a deep understanding of the limits and opportunities presented by any given material. The purer a commercial chemical, for example, the more consistent a continuous process that uses it is likely to be. Consistency flows downstream: predictable manufacturing runs produce predictable waste, require a predictable amount of labor, and so on.

Even lot-to-lot, manufacturers regularly identify inconsistencies within supposedly “high-purity” chemicals and materials. It’s imperative, then, to develop lasting relationships with material suppliers that provide quality control assurances designed to eliminate unforeseen impurities. By enacting quality control measures in-house, materials suppliers self-regulate.


It’s impossible to overstate the cost-savings that are borne from better, more reliable materials. Unreliable materials cost manufacturers in a myriad of ways:

Additional material costs: When raw materials are insufficient, supplementary materials may need to be used.

Process/manufacturing savings: Troubleshooting impure materials costs time and money, diverting resources from the manufacturing process itself.

Better raw materials can make the difference between an efficient process and a broken process. Manufacturers shouldn’t have to spend their time remedying materials pitfalls…they should be manufacturing! The more predictability that surrounds a manufacturing process, the more likely that process is to be cost-effective, particularly when repeated on a large scale.

Noah Chemicals strives to provide manufacturers with best-in-class chemicals for a variety of processes. Our extensive in-house quality control program along with an updated ISO 9001:2015 standard certification mean we understand the importance of highly predictable chemical components for manufacturing.

Would you like to find out more about our unparalleled commitment to quality? Noah Chemicals works with manufacturers all over the globe to provide high-quality chemicals for commercial processes, industrial processes, and even research and development. Our capabilities are wide-ranging.

Reach out to us today to discuss your materials pain points. Together, we can work towards a solution.


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