What Are the 5 Noah Chemical Standards?

Mission: We Enable the World’s Greatest Innovations

Here is a recap of the 5 “Noah Standards”, a set of principles that guide every aspect of our business, from product quality to customer experience at Noah Chemicals. This past year, we’ve published a series of articles that explored each principle and showcased the respective business impact. Here are a few of the featured industries we serve:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Chemical Disinfectants
  • Cosmetics
  • Government | Defense
  • Metals
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals

1) Trusted Partners

Our clients are more than transactional customers; they are our trusted partners. We help solve complex challenges for many different industries by providing partner-specific solutions that meet exact specifications. From the first phone call with Noah Chemicals, our staff constructs a strong rapport to understand partner challenges and construct a unique solution that best fits their purity and logistic requirements. Building trust with our partners is key to our growth as a business.

2) Innovative Expertise

Noah chemists and staff are brilliant individuals with decades of knowledge and experience who collaborate to support partner goals and objectives. Each Noah team member strives to improve every aspect of the project lifecycle through experimentation, feedback loops, and “open-door” employee communication. Our team’s steadfast focus on innovation and innovative expertise ensures we provide the best solution now and for future engagements.

3) Accountability

The third Noah Chemical Standard, “Accountability,” details our tenacious commitment to our partners, each other, and our planet. This trifecta of responsibility is fundamental to our company ethos, influencing Noah’s technical, logistical, and professional decision-making.

Our Partners

Being trusted by our partners is something Noah has always been known for since the beginning when Sunny and Bob Blumenthal started Noah Chemicals in their home’s basement over 4 decades ago. Starting with the unending dedication from our founders to today with the next generation of leadership, Tina Blumenthal, our Technical Experts, Sales and Manufacturing Teams, they are directly accountable for each step in the project lifecycle, ensuring our partners’ needs are exactly met.

Each Other

It is our duty to hold each other at Noah Chemicals accountable to an equivalent level as we do for our partners. To Noah, internal accountability means creating a work environment that stimulates constructive communication between all team members, to share ideas and opinions that help our partners, improve our company, and bolster Noah’s mission.

Our Planet

Providing our partners with the best solution includes identifying and developing sustainable chemical production methods and eco-friendly distribution that meets or exceeds environmental compliance regulations.

4) Results-Driven

Our 4th standard, “Results-Driven,” speaks to our relentless emphasis on manufacturing excellence. Being results-driven means the difference between providing the best customer solution versus the available solution.

We at Noah relentlessly search for competitive prices, highest quality materials, and opportunities that will derive world-class results for our partners or potential partners. Often, the best results for our partners means exploring new heights in chemistry and distribution to provide the optimal solution.

5) Quality at Our Core

The 5th and final standard, “Quality at our Core,” is an amalgamation of the previous 4 Noah Standards synchronized to deliver a high-quality experience and build partner trust. We ensure quality at our core by:

  • Employing and retaining top industry experts
  • Continually investing in our high-quality facilities to produce and export chemicals

Become a Partner

Please contact Noah Chemicals here or call us at 888-291-1186 today to learn why so many companies choose Noah Chemicals as their trusted chemical provider.

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